Visit to the Sima de Las Palomas - Julio - 2 EN INGLÉS

Sáb, 27/07/2024 - 19:00
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Paleontological visits to the Sima de las Palomas, titled 'Neanderthals, the other humanity'.

The Sima de las Palomas is considered the most important Neanderthal Man site in the Spanish Mediterranean arc and the second most important Fossil Man site in the Iberian Peninsula, after Atapuerca.

The objective of this initiative is to bring the general public closer to the Sima de las Palomas site, of international relevance and located in Torre Pacheco. An absolutely spectacular natural and cultural heritage that records a succession of more than 100,000 years of history, most of the long period in which Neanderthal Man lived in Europe.

A unique enclave that opens a window to our origins, to the lives of our ancestors, and which can be seen first-hand accompanied by Jon Ortega, one of the paleoanthropologists who has worked for two decades on the site's research team.

To complement this activity, we will visit the Cueva del Agua, an old mine that contains an internal lake and is the habitat of 5 species of bats.

The visit begins at 7:00 p.m. and lasts approximately 2 hours.

The Tourism Department of the Torre Pacheco City Council has created this new activity with the aim of expanding the cultural offer that makes visitors aware of the richness of the Cabezo Gordo Protected Landscape.

Dates: Saturdays, July 20, July 27 (in English), August 24 and September 21.

This cultural visit will be part of the 'Charming Sunsets' summer programme.

Registration: at this link (regional tourism website, 'Guided tours' section).

Contact: Tourist Office: 968 57 99 37.

In 1991, the chance discovery of the jaws united with the mandible of a Neanderthal, launched the scientific excavation in the Sima de las Palomas to this day.

The place was frequented by Neanderthal Man in the Middle Paleolithic, as indicated by its Mousterian utensils and the abundant remains of burned bones from large and small game. It is likely that it was a favorite place for the burial of the remains of the deceased.

The excavation of the paleoanthropological site of the Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo has demonstrated the presence of the skeletons of two adults and a child, with bones still in anatomical connection and with their skulls and jaws, of the extinct species of European fossil man called Neanderthal Man (Homo Neanderthalensis), who was here about 50,000 years ago. “Paloma” (SP96) is the most complete Neanderthal skeleton on the entire European Mediterranean coast and has the most complete Neanderthal female pelvis in the world.

The discovery of a skeleton of Neanderthal Man in a state of anatomical connection is always an unusual scientific discovery that has great international impact. To get an idea of ​​the great importance of this aspect, it should be noted that the last time an articulated skeleton of an adult Neanderthal was excavated was 40 years ago (in France). And in the Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo there are three.

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